Adore Me and StoreAdvise Marry Modern Tech with Intimate Apparel Shopping – Privacy, Service and Convenience Combine for a Better Experience

January 14, 2019 | by StoreAdvise

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No one likes to go back and forth between the fitting room and the racks, least of all when trying on lingerie. To fix this frustration for shoppers, intimate apparel brand — and digital native — Adore Me flipped the fitting room experience on its head – giving shoppers the privacy, service and convenience they want.

As the “New Face of Lingerie,” Adore Me wanted a shopper experience similar to its highly personal and customized digital experience, with the added benefit of being able to try on garments and enjoy the undivided attention of a stylist. So, the brand partnered with StoreAdvise, a retail technology expert leading the way toward autonomous retailing.

Adore Me’s approach relies on modern, but nearly invisible, technology including IoT, RFID labels and smart fitting-room displays. These systems combine, allowing shoppers to relax in their fitting room but interact with stylists in real time. They can easily request a different size, style or color garment by using the smart display in the fitting room. Stylists are immediately notified on a mobile device when a shopper requests an item using the display.

Stylists and managers also benefit from the system. Using data generated by each interaction (including human, garment tag, device and POS/payment interactions) managers get an unparalleled view into customer behavior and how it relates to store performance. For example, the data helps shed light on what garments are in the fitting room, which SKUs were purchased and which items are top sellers among garments tried on.

RFID tags on merchandise collect real-time movement data from the showroom to the fitting room – both when a shopper brings merchandise into the fitting room, and when they request an item from a stylist using the smart fitting-room display. By identifying SKU popularity, Adore Me can easily optimize inventory levels, down to the individual store. With nearly 30,000 possible SKUs at each location, the data also suggests which sizes or styles can be reduced or eliminated, allowing the store to constantly refresh with new offerings. Data is also shared with designers so they understand which garments are most popular with shoppers, and can design with these features in mind.

“Creating a positive customer experience is essential as we expand into physical stores and, as a digital native, we recognize the importance of using data to understand and appeal to shoppers,” said Stephanie Maes, vice president of retail performance at Adore Me. “With StoreAdvise, we’ve found a way to deploy technology that supports our brand promise — we make shoppers comfortable, we personalize the experience and we give them confidence in the experience.”

“Retailers are in an exploration phase, as we move through digital transformation. But we shouldn’t just implement new technology for technology’s sake,” said Keith Sherry, CEO of StoreAdvise. “Adore Me is an excellent example of a brand that is implementing in-store technology in an incredibly smart and effective way. They understand what both their buyers and their business require and are using technology to facilitate greater success.”

The StoreAdvise platform connects Adore Me’s data-generating tools within the store and generates actions and reports based on the brand’s unique requirements. Future reporting will allow managers to see when shopper-stylist interactions occur, how often, in what duration and how they impact shopper behavior. This is an important tool in training, helping stylists understand what behaviors drive sales.

According to store managers, shoppers are already reacting to the experience positively. Feedback has praised the smart fitting rooms and upscale stylist interactions, which combine to offer a comfortable, yet personal, experience.

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