StoreAdvise Platform

Software that automates every aspect of in-store retail. A shopping experience that connects seamlessly to sales and operations. Smarter, data-driven decisions. Efficient workflows and storewide automation.

Turn your to-do list into a done list. That’s what StoreAdvise can do for you.

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With software tools for inventory, task management, actionable store insights and more, StoreAdvise helps retailers navigate the shifting industry landscape.

Automation in Operations

Automation cannot simply exist in the supply chain; it must also carry through to the store. . With StoreAdvise, retailers gain efficiencies in across all aspects of retail operations, from sales to fitting room management to inventory fulfillment and more, automating business at every turn.

Get More, Do More.

The StoreAdvise platform taps into your existing data ecosystem. Not only do you gain more insights for details you might not have even considered, but you’re also able to do more with them, with guided recommendations to help you and your team sell more product more efficiently.

A Two-Part Approach

StoreAdvise focuses on two primary areas of retail business: analytics and operational efficiencies. We don’t simply capture data—we make recommendations on how to use it most effectively. We also leverage IoT, RFID and other technologies to improve both the pace and performance of storewide operations, ultimately paving the way for full-scale automation.

Retail Automation | Prescriptive Analytics | Task Management | Fitting Room Insights
Workforce Insights/Visibility | Operational Efficiency | Seamless System Integration

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