StoreAdvise Platform

Imagine connecting all the moving parts of your retail operation—tags, inventory, sensors, gateways and more—in a way that improves operational efficiencies, employee satisfaction and customer experience.

It’s not a dream: it’s StoreAdvise.

Retail Automation | Prescriptive Analytics | Task Management | Fitting Room Insights
Workforce Visibility | Operational Efficiency | Seamless System Integration

The New Business Model

Major industry shifts typically offer two choices: Adapt to the new business model, or face the potential of becoming irrelevant. That’s why the StoreAdvise platform provides a suite of resources specifically built for what’s next, helping today’s retailers stay ahead of the curve, improve operations and thrive throughout the course of industry change.

Empowered, Happy Employees

StoreAdvise’s smart inventory tools prepare and empower employees to do a better job, easily locating, selling and up-selling merchandise while improving the customer experience. The StoreAdvise platform also provides operational visibility and accountability for all their hard work—making your retail operation not only a great place to shop, but also a great place to work.

A Whole New Experience

The StoreAdvise platform reimagines retail and puts the customer experience at the heart of it all. Expectations are higher than ever before. You can’t sell what you can’t find. Customers know what they want—and StoreAdvise helps retailers deliver it. Find and sell more of what they want, and upsell more of what they need.

Eliminating The Noise of Infinite Data

Data is everywhere, and at times can be overwhelming. The StoreAdvise platform simplifies insights into smart, actionable information. Retailers learn everything they need to know about their customers, employees know exactly what to do and when, stores gain improved operational efficiencies and customers get a seamless, fruitful shopping experience.

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