What’s your biggest challenge in operations?

February 25, 2019 | by StoreAdvise

Retailers are no stranger to industry changes and evolving challenges. In fact, some might say that an evolving marketplace is as old as retail itself.

From mid-20th century culture shifts, like the proliferation of shopping malls and big box stores, to ongoing adjustments to new technology—electronic cash registers, barcodes, credit cards, RFID and the like—to the advent of the internet and the explosion of e-commerce, retailers have made an art of adapting and overcoming. While these challenges are each unique in their own right, there are some operational hurdles that have been largely the same throughout history, namely, those related to ineffective task management.

This is a broad umbrella that covers a number of in-store operations. Time management and scheduling, inventory management, even sales all come down to the efficacy of task management. That’s why the StoreAdvise platform focuses heavily on operational efficiencies and improving task management across the board.

Here are a few simple but powerful ways StoreAdvise helps retailers take back control of their operations.

  1. Eliminate wasted time with automation, allowing managers to efficiently schedule tasks that aren’t related to selling.
  1. Free up employees to spend more time with clients and do more active selling, which ultimately increases revenue.
  1. Boost customer engagement with more clienteling and associate interactions, not only improving the shopping experience, but also encouraging repeat business.

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