Trying a New Kind of Fitting Room on for Size

May 18, 2019 | by StoreAdvise

Smart fitting rooms are a new and exciting in-store offering for shoppers and retailers alike. But underneath all the buzz is a whole lot of potential. From better shopping experiences to better store management, smart fitting rooms provide a gateway to improvement. Much more than just slick interfaces, these high-tech fitting rooms provide retailers with shopping data and behavioral insights that can truly transform store operations.

Here are just some of the ways StoreAdvise is using technology to create better shopping and selling experiences through smart fitting room solutions.

  1. Driving Revenue – Leveraging technology like RFID and IoT, retailers are able to capture a wide set of insights through the fitting room, including data for sold and unsold items, allowing them to do a deep dive into other store metrics. These kinds of insights help retailers connect the dots to discover why certain merchandise sells and others go unpurchased, and in turn, make operational changes that directly impact revenue.
  2. Improving Customer Experience – It’s no secret that customers who try on items are more likely to purchase them. Some estimates say the conversion rates can be as high as 65% – 70%[1] following a fitting room visit. It stands to reason then that improving that try-on experience also improves the shopping experience.
  3. Optimizing Schedules and Improving the Workforce – With a better understanding of consumer behavior, including critical metrics like peak fitting room times and most common sizes needed, you can properly staff and stock your store in a way that allows associates and managers to do their jobs better and best support your most valuable shoppers. Happy, empowered employees create happy, loyal customers.

Want to see StoreAdvise fitting room insights in action? We recently partnered with intimate apparel retailer Adore Me! Read more about the partnership and how our fitting room technology is shaping the in-store experience here. 

[1] Source: CRG Worldwide