Considering The Future of Retail

February 4, 2019 | by StoreAdvise

On the heels of retail’s Big Show, it’s clear that—like virtually every other industry—technology is playing a pivotal role in the future of retail. Here at StoreAdvise, we’re focused on not just providing innovative technology solutions for retailers, but also solving industry-wide problems. Technology isn’t here to replace people; it’s here to empower them and improve how they do their jobs.

There’s a bevy of tech buzzwords that have made their way into the retail vernacular as of late. But jargony as they may be, they’re concepts that are reshaping how retailers do business.


Automation is fast becoming a critical component in store operations. The immediate effects include better time management and streamlined operations, but the trickle-down effects are arguably just as impactful. With processes like price changes, inventory and other daily store tasks automated with StoreAdvise, store associates are freed up to spend more time with clients, making for happy and empowered employees, and ultimately allowing them to sell more merchandise.

Data and Analytics

The StoreAdvise platform also gives retailers access to actionable insights within their data, not only helping them capture critical metrics, but also gain insightful recommendations on how to use them most effectively.

Fitting Room Insights

The fitting room is a gold mine for retailers. It’s a window into the shopper’s mind and an excellent source of usable data. StoreAdvise’s smart fitting room technology, as seen in Adore Me’s latest fitting rooms, provides shoppers with a personalized, modern approach that allows them to shop in private while still interacting with stylists. And for the store, StoreAdvise’s near real-time data tracks consumer shopping behavior, identifies peak fitting room hours, reports garment location through RFID, and provides purchase vs. try-on metrics.

Built specifically for retailers, the StoreAdvise platform addresses all of these and more, delivering a cohesive solution that equally improves shopping, selling and store management.

Learn more about how the StoreAdvise platform works here.

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