A Perfect Fit: Cisco Talks Fitting Rooms in Sit-Down with StoreAdvise

January 18, 2019 | by StoreAdvise

StoreAdvise’s Vice President of Customer Engagement Dan Natale recently sat down with Robb Boyd, managing editor and executive producer for Cisco’s TechWiseTV, to talk about fitting rooms—and their opportunities—for retailers. In the article, Mr. Boyd explores the emerging world of smart fitting room technology, touching on everything from design details to deep data dives.

Talking to Dan, Robb discusses how, generally speaking, the volume and substance of data brick-and-mortar stores typically capture pales in comparison to their online counterparts. As Dan explained it in simpler terms, “Shopper and merchandise behavior was a black hole.”

But now, thanks to smart fitting room integrations like StoreAdvise offers, in-store shopping can be just as data-driven as online shopping. And, as Mr. Boyd concludes, he believes that retail is approaching a rebalancing point, “…Where online and physical shopping are both optimized.”

To read more about Robb Boyd and Cisco’s take on smart fitting room integrations, check out the whole post here.

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