About Us

StoreAdvise, a SATO company, provides a suite of smart software tools for retailers through its flagship core offering, the StoreAdvise platform. Our technology creates a more connected shopping, selling and store management experience that arms retailers with meaningful data and actionable insights.

Smart Solutions for Smart Retailers.

With intelligent software, StoreAdvise focuses on two primary areas of retail business: retail analytics and retail operational efficiencies. Within analytics, StoreAdvise gives retailers access to actionable insights within data, not only helping them capture critical metrics, but also provide insightful recommendations on how to use the information most effectively. When it comes to operations, StoreAdvise software tools are dedicated to improving storewide efficiencies using IoT, RFID and other technologies for automating operations.

Meaningful Insights

Ultimately, StoreAdvise helps retailers make smarter, data-driven decisions that automate store operations and improve sales and profitability.

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